A bit more about the author

I think I’m like a lot of long-term martial artists in the U.S. We got involved – a couple or few decades ago – in a traditional martial art, and something about it clicked with our deepest nature. We loved the sweat, the discipline, the beauty of formal training. We also loved the pain and strain. Training became part of our lives, and for some of us, that part continued to grow. We began teaching; we opened schools, part-time or full-time.

We love what we have gained from our pursuits, and we want to pass it on to others.

We’ve also been at it long enough to have seen some changes: Changes in ourselves. Changes in our arts. Changes in the culture, in who is practicing, and why.

We’ve thought hard, at times, about the lessons we learned back then, and how to convey them to the students we have now. As westerners involved in eastern arts, we sometimes run up against problems of culture, questions of compromise and authenticity.

This blog is about being a westerner dedicated to traditional eastern martial arts. Thanks for visiting, and let me know your thoughts.


2 Responses to “A bit more about the author”

  1. Always nice to meet another old fogey along the way and see the common threads that bind all martial artists, especially those of us “old school” practitioners.
    I also have two left feet when it comes to Internet technology, a new “hurt, pain , and agony” that must be sweated through.

    Thanks for the comment. Keep in touch.

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