Women, Men, How Different?

Someone sent me this link. I think the column is hilarious, and telling, and among other things it caused me to wonder whether you, readers, think a woman’s experience is really completely different from a man’s. Or, how different you think it is. Experience diverges in some areas, certainly, … but I’d like to hear what people think. The article is entertaining in any case. Here’s the link:

Bitchslap: A Column about Women and Fighting, by Susan Schorn.

Come back and leave a comment after reading.

8 Responses to “Women, Men, How Different?”

  1. I suspect that men and women share many experiences practicing martial arts…many people wouldn’t understand why ANYONE would want to practice something which may lead to an injury such as a black eye. But it is true that a woman with a black eye is looked upon as a battered wife whereas for a man, it would be par for the course. I don’t see that as a bad thing, necessarily – the women and girls I know of who practice martial arts pretty much realize this stereotyping and to an extent, embrace their own fearlessness in such situations.

    Funny article, though, and I’m sure, very true!

    • serpentstaff Says:

      Thanks for coming by, jitzmama. Yes, there’s plenty of suspicion and misunderstanding of martial arts training to go around. And you’re right about the stereotypes, but men are getting short-changed if involvement in violence is considered “par for the course.”

      • I guess what I am saying is that sports injuries are pretty acceptable for men…even for boys. No that violence is acceptable, but that it isn’t so unusual for a boy/man to wind up in the ER with injuries from sports. My little brother was a skater way back and broke many bones, I doubt anyone ever questioned if he was being abused…so I wanted to clarify what I meant. I read an interview with Gina Carano in which she said when she is banged up, she always wears an MMA or UFC tshirt out so that people will get the hint that she is a fighter, not a battered housewife!

  2. Okay, are some guys going to come on and admit to crying sometimes?

    I am a gal, and I don’t believe I ever cried from getting clobbered sparring, or getting seriously injured in training. Instead I got angry– that stupid kind of anger that looks around for something or someone to blame, finding everything and nothing. I might have sat up in bed fuming a few times. Probably the same emotion at root, but I was just never a crier.

    That article is really great, she is quite a good writer.

  3. Also: Does anyone else share the writer’s feelings about tournaments?

    “[…]competition involves rules and standards, and I fail to see the point of all that if something really important is at stake. Rip their balls off, I say, or just stay home. […]”

    That made me laugh, and it totally nails how I used to feel back in my TKD days when tournaments were compulsory.

  4. Not sure what you’re getting at here, but I’m thinking, first of all, that plenty of men don’t regard 1-on-1 violence as routine or acceptable outside of training. And: anyone male or female coming to the E.R. with fight injuries is to be questioned thoroughly about how they came about, in case there was illegal activity involved or expected. If stereotypes prevent this from happening, that’s wrong.
    Also: the basic appeal of training comes from the same place, even though society puts a different color on it for different people.

  5. One thing about the martial arts is that they find a way to present every practitioner with a unique set of challenges, often derived from the hurdles they have to overcome on the inside.

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