Blogging Lessons for an Old Fogey

For those of you who haven’t figured it out by reading my posts: I am a bit of an old fogey. I started training over thirty years ago, and I wasn’t a young kid when I started. I got interested in this blogging thing earlier this year – it looked intriguing, but I didn’t know much about it. I still know very little about certain technical aspects of it. Same with social networking, twittering- a lot of things about the online world. I just don’t have the time to spend learning all the details.

The other thing I am – besides an old fogey – is a writer, the kind who tinkers endlessly with my prose. That means I’m always coming back to things I’ve written, finding phrases that could have been better, typos I didn’t notice the first ten times around… you get the idea. Mix this tendency with blogging, and it turns out I have a really annoying habit!

I just learned from a techno-savvy friend that every time I correct or update something, anyone who subscribes to a feed from the blog gets some kind of notice. So if I keep tinkering and updating, tinkering and updating – it must be kind of like ringing their doorbell and running away over and over. She assured me any subscribers I might have had would have unsubscribed after that much annoyance.

Well, I don’t know if I have any subscribers or not (another technical aspect I haven’t bothered to learn). But if any of you experienced my tinkering and got exasperated by it – Sorry ’bout that! I promise to do better. I’ll make better use of the ‘draft’ and ‘preview’ features.

And, as my friend suggested, once I send it out there I’ll practice “Letting it Go” and “Moving On” – my Zen lessons for the day.


3 Responses to “Blogging Lessons for an Old Fogey”

  1. Ha, ha, ha, I am like you, I don’t even know how to subscribe to a blog, so tinker away old fogey, it won’t bother me a bit!

  2. Better than rushing content out the door! That happens all too often in the blog world.

  3. serpentstaff Says:

    Thanks guys! I’ve been sitting on a long post for a couple days now, trying to get the tweaking out of my system, but I think I’m going to throw it out there right now.

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